Our cars: Hyundai ix35 - May

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  • Tested by Stephen Hopkins
You soon get to know a car's interior when you spend the best part of three hours behind the wheel commuting every day.

Thankfully, I'm a big fan of the Hyundai's. Storage is excellent (each front door pocket holds three bottles of water), the seats are comfortable and the instruments are easy to read ā€“ particularly on sunny days ā€“ thanks to the deep cowls that keep them shaded. Meanwhile, the lofty driving position really helps improve visibility; Iā€™m able to spot hazards well before drivers of most other cars.

The only downside is the easily marked plastics. Scuffs from shoes tend to wipe off with a damp cloth, but scrapes from jewellery seem to be permanent.


Our cars: Hyundai ix35 - April


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