Our cars: Mini Countryman - May

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Mini Countryman
Mini Countryman
Mini Countryman 1.6T Cooper S ALL4

Week ending May 25
Mileage 11,550
Driven this week: 250 miles

Mini Countryman review

With the various options we added to each, our long-term Mini Countryman and Mini Coupé JCW ended up costing around £28k each. I know, £28k for a Mini!

Anyway, after a recent spin in both, I know exactly where my hard-earned would go. The JCW is the last word in vibrant fun, while the Countryman feels very staid indeed.

That isn’t all. Judging by the materials used in each car’s interior, the British-built JCW looks and feels like a much higher-quality product than the Countryman, which is actually built in Austria.


Week ending May 4
Mileage 11,300
Driven this week: 100 miles

While testing our long-term Nissan Leaf, we've been reporting on the car's range, but I didn't think I'd be keeping such a close eye on the Countryman's range on a 20-mile drive home earlier this week.

The display showed the car had 70 miles left in the tank, but once out on the motorway it dropped dramatically to the point the display read just seven miles.

Then, just before I filled up, the display was back up to 27 miles.

Two lessons learned. The first is not to rely on these displays and the second is to fill up as soon as the fuel indicator light comes on then I wouldn't have these anxious times in the first place.


Our cars: Mini Countryman - April


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