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Ford Focus
Ford Focus
Ford Focus 1.6T 150 Ecoboost Titanium

Week ending May 25
Mileage: 10292
Driven this week 190 miles

Ford Focus review

Summer's here at last, and in our house that has meant a long-overdue garden clearance. Day-to-day I have not always been convinced by the size and shape of our Focus's boot, but it is much more impressive when you fold the seats down and load it up to the gunwales.

The folding mechanism is quick and easy (you can do it one-handed if necessary), while the load bay is flat and swallowed a full nine bags of rubbish without difficulty. A quick brush easily restored the upholstery to pre-tip condition too. Job done.


Week ending May 18
Mileage 10,102
Driven this week: 125

I've had a nagging concern whether my constant criticism of the Focus's fuel consumption is really fair. During its predominant use as a mum's runaround, the Ford spends an awful lot of time stuck in town traffic, or popping out on short journeys to play groups, shopping trips and the like. So I was pleased and disappointed in equal measure to see our True MPG team back my concerns.

What Car?s True MPG test reveals a car's real-world fuel figure, worked out on UK roads, rather than a manufacturer's claim produced under test conditions. The test takes in all driving conditions, from motorway use to urban routes.

Our team recorded that my Focus manages 35.1mpg under these combined driving conditions - that's 12mpg less than the manufacturer's average figure. So I think I should get a discreet yet deserved pat on the back for getting 30.6mpg from the Focus around town - only 6.1mpg off the maker's claim.

Adele Donaghie

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