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Hyundai i40
Hyundai i40
Hyundai i40 Tourer 1.7 CRDi Blue Drive Style

Week ending May 25
Mileage: 13,510
Driven this week: 490 miles

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Another week, another 400 miles, but not by me. What Car? chief photographer John Bradshaw has been using the i40 as his camera car for the past week.

He loved the massive boot and low sill, which meant he had quick and easy access to his gear. The car was also used as a mobile platform from which to get tracking shots of other cars, and it was great at this because it has a fairly soft ride.

When he got back he parked next to the new Hyundai i30, which was also white. I was amazed by quite how similar the two cars looked when viewed from our office window. They’re quite obviously very much from the same family.


Week ending May 11
Mileage: 12,838
Driven this week: 286 miles

For most of the time I’ve had the i40, I’ve not seen many others out on the roads. However, over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that there are a lot more about – and I think it’s interesting to see them driving by.

Estate cars always seem to have a certain label tagged to them: they’re a mundane but safe option for families. However, I think the Hyundai breaks the mould. Not only is it a good-looking car, it’s sleek and does things a little differently to the rest of the pack. Okay, so it isn’t as refined as a Volkswagen Passat or as good to drive as a Ford Mondeo, but it isn’t that far behind them.

I also drove the new i30 this week and it seems Hyundai is on a roll, because I think it's another great car.


Week ending May 11
Mileage: 12,491
Driven this week: 691 miles

With myself and my partner having just bought a new house and moved in together, the Hyundai i40 was the perfect car to help complete the settling-in process. We paid a removals firm to do the bulk of the carting and carrying, but we needed something to remove the inevitable overlaps in our possessions once we were in.

So it was that the i40 spent a week wearing out the roads between our house, the local tip and a selection of nearby charity shops.

It could hardly have been better, not least because the boot was huge. The week was spent with the rear seats permanently folded down and the boot loaded with bag after bag of junk, recycling and assorted bric-a-brac.

True, it came as no surprise that bags and boxes were swallowed whole, but what really impressed me was when an armchair slid in and out without a problem.

More than that, the car was great to drive through the London suburbs that I now call home, with light steering and an engine that proved more than up to the job of hauling around a fully laden i40.

My only complaint was that, on the rainy days that were an all-too frequent feature of my week with the car, too much of the rain on the tailgate splashed on to me when I opened the boot.


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