First drive: Mitsubishi Evo X FQ-360

  • Quickest Evo yet
  • More than £35k
  • Four-star car
Staring blankly into the middle-distance, you exhale slowly, wondering when your heart palpitations will stop – then you turn the engine off.

That's the standard reaction after driving the FQ-360 in anger for the first time.

The FQ-360 is the most ballistic version yet of the Lancer Evo. For £8000 more than the entry-level FQ-300, you get an extra 63bhp (up to a thundering 354bhp), a performance exhaust, carbonfibre interior and exterior trim, and leather/suede seats.

It doesn't sound like much for the money, but the result is one of the fastest cars for getting from over here to over there – no matter what the price.

It's as shockingly rapid in a straight line as it is around corners, the steering lets you know exactly what the tyres are up to, and the brakes stop you quicker than a windscreen stops a fly. Driving this car is a blast.

Downsides are a small boot, a steering wheel that doesn't adjust in and out, and that it's a tricky car to drive at manoeuvring speeds.

Oh, and you'll get around 175 miles from a tank of fuel. Still, having to stop at a petrol station so often gives your heart a chance to settle down.

Price from £35,499
On sale Now
You'll like It's like driving a jet fighter
You won't Losing your licence

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