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There are loads of reviews in this class. The Peugeot 807 gets the second-lowest score of any car in the survey – barely getting three stars on average. The C-Max impresses, but MPV owners are very critical of their cars: although the Ford
is at the top of the MPV tree, it has the lowest average score of any class winner in any sector.

The best: Ford C-MAX
Mike Underwood
'I've had this car for six months, and have had no problems. I've also done a trip to the Alps and back in it, and it was very smooth. Like many diesels, it's most at home on long motorway trips at a constant speed, where it gives good fuel consumption – but it isn't brilliant in town.

'I've got a few dislikes, but they're nit-picking. For example, it's sluggish in second gear, the boot doesn't close properly unless shut firmly, the gearstick could be mounted higher on the dashboard, and there are no pockets in the rear doors. Also, the windows are
one-touch to open, but not to close.'

Michael Bull
'I wasn't able to locate a diesel model at a reasonable price, so I opted for the 1.6-litre petrol instead.

'Overall, the car manages between 38mpg and 44mpg – as I usually do only short runs, I feel this figure is within reason.

'The ride quality, build, handling and general comfort are all first-class, and after 14,000 miles the only item to go wrong was the rear window wiper, which was replaced under warranty at the first service.'

The worst: Peugeot 807
Andrew Porter
'The 2.2-litre diesel engine pulls extremely well, while the handling is light and precise – it makes this big car feel smaller.

'The quality of the plastics is poor for a £24,000 car, with rough edges and a brittle feel. The interior door latch traps your fingers, and the wipers don't clear enough of the windscreen.'

What Car? Reader Awards 2009 - The best and worst


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