New DS3 cabrio planned

  • Computer image showS new drop-top
  • Citroen DS3 convertible on the way
  • Future less certain for new Astra cabrio
How the Citroen DS3 drop-top could look like
How the Citroen DS3 drop-top could look like
To coincide with the recent sun-drenched weather, our computer artist has busied himself producing an image of a possible new convertible Citroen DS3.

Drop-top lovers
The image show what an open-top version of the new DS3 could look like, something that should excite UK motorists because we buy more drop-tops than any other country in Europe.

Citroen DS3
Insiders at Citroen have already revealed that there are plans to produce the hot-weather DS3. We still don't know whether it will have a fabric roof, or a hard-top, but we expect it to cost from around £14,000 when it goes on sale – probably next summer.


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