Our cars: Ford S-Max - November

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  • Ford S-Max long-term test
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  • Tested by Peter Lawton
Ford S-Max 2.0 Ecoboost Titanium Powershift
Mileage 3700

My S-Max has a strange stereo. The radio often sounds like it’s picking up the kind of noises that scientists search the depths of space for – in other words, hissing and crackling rather than Radio Four. Meanwhile, the car sometimes recognises my iPod, sometimes doesn’t. It’s pure luck if it connects or not.

There’s also a Bluetooth connection for a music player, but it somehow hooked up with my Nokia and started to play anything it could find in my phone’s memory. It was strange to hear music coming out of the speakers when no iPod was hooked up – it even started to play my Nokia ringtone!

Our cars: Ford S-Max - October


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