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Hyundai ix35 1.7 CRDi Premium

Week ending November 25
Mileage: 21,789
Driven this week: 295 miles

Bored, hyperactive children, horrible sticky fruit drink pouches and an hour on the motorway sounds like a recipe for disaster.

The handles for the rear doors proved to excellent holders for the drinks, however.

As well as a being a good snug fit and easy for the children to reach, they had the added bonus of keeping son and daughter’s drinks well apart. Had I put them in the rear centre armrest’s holders I’m sure bickering would have ensued over whose pouch was whose and the chances of spillages would have been far greater.

I’m sure it’s not something the interior designers ever considered, but I’m grateful for the fortuitous and accidental benefits nonetheless.

Week ending November 18
Mileage 21,494
Driven this week: 432 miles

Overall I think the sat-nav system and multi-media interface in the Hyundai is pretty good - the touch-screen system and menu layouts are intuitive to use.

There are a couple of niggles, however. I would like full postcode entry for destinations for a start, but the most annoying thing about the system is the way it displays the time.

The clock jumps to different positions around the screen depending on whether you’re following a map or just have the radio presets showing.

It would be nice if it had one location so you could find it more easily at a glance, but worst of all is the way it disappears from some screens entirely.

There’s also no option to have the time displayed on the trip computer between the speedo and rev dials, so finding out what the time is on long journeys can be more distracting than it should be.

Week ending November 4
Mileage 21,062
Miles this week 934

I’ve done nearly 1000 miles of driving this week, much of it really, really slowly.

It took me more than 11 hours to get from Teddington to Bradford and back at the start of the week, fighting heavy traffic in both directions on the M1.

The next morning I had the pleasure of local road chaos on the way to work after the M25 was shut because of a diesel spill.

The same day I arrived more than a hour late for an appointment in Kettering because the M1 – now my least favourite road of all time – was shut through the roadworks after junction 13.

A string of long, slow journeys is obviously incredibly frustrating, but the Hyundai helped me cope with it all pretty well.

The clutch is light, which makes stop-start driving easier, while the seat also proved to be comfortable over many, many hours at the wheel.

The media system also integrates with my iPhone very well so, once bored of the analogue radio options, I could switch to MP3 music files and digital radio streams.

It would be more convenient if a digital receiver was part of the ix35’s long list of equipment, but at least there’s a work around which helped to preserve what little is left of my sanity. Thank goodness for Radio 6 Music.

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