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Peugeot 508 SW 2.2 HDi 204 GT

Week ending November 25

Mileage: 11554
Driven this week: 607 miles

With the first frosts of winter finally biting, the windscreen demister is beginning to get some use. Only trouble is, it seems to blast cold air on the screen at start-up, which worsens visibility further to begin with. Many others restrict the airflow until the air is warm enough to be effective. Looks like I will need to fine-tune my own approach to the problem.

Week ending November 18

Mileage: 10947
Driven this week: 517 miles

I was following a colleague to a meeting the other day, and when we arrived, he told me how great the 508 looked in his rear-view mirror. I completely agree. I’ve heard a range of descriptions applied to our big Peugeot, but my favourite is that it has an Audi R8-like nose, and an A6 Avant-like rear profile. Audi might not love this, but buyers of Peugeots most definitely will.

Week ending November 11

Mileage: 10,430
Driven this week: 400 miles

The hands-free Bluetooth feature on our 508 works very well in most respects, but there are a couple of small flaws. Unlike some other systems, it doesn’t synchronise the phone’s recently dialled numbers, so you sometimes have to revert to the handset to recall a number.

Also, you won’t be calling Waynes or Zaras from the 508s in-car menu. There is no quick way to search your contacts, so you have to scroll through everybody’s number. I have a decade’s worth of data, much of which is redundant, but it makes it impossible for me to avoid reverting to my iPhone to find who I am looking for.

Week ending November 4
Mileage: 10,030
Driven this week: 520

A milestone has been reached. The 508 has just sailed through the 10,000-mile barrier. It’s taken only five months, but a 60-mile round commute soon adds up.

The on-board computer advises that the car is still more than a year, or 10,000 miles, away from needing a service.

I’ve noticed an occasional squeak coming from the rear of the car, but so far it is infrequent enough for me to think it might be luggage related, as opposed to anything more substantial.

Beyond that, I am really enjoying the 508 and my dalliance in a Ford Mondeo (see October 21) has not substantially changed my view, despite it offering some pretty clear dynamic advantages.

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