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Audi A1 1.4 122 TFSI Sport

Week ending
Mileage 2705
Miles this week 272

The 1.4-litre petrol engine in the A1 has done only 2705 miles so far, but I’ve been impressed with the fuel economy that I’m getting from it.

With a mix of long motorway journeys and sitting in stop-start traffic, I’m averaging about 50.5mpg at the moment: a little below the Sport’s official combined figure of 54.3. I usually end up doing 60-65mph on the motorway rather than 70 in a bid to save a bit of fuel, and the stop-start system helps in traffic, but with such a new engine I think it’s a decent result.

Week ending November 11
Mileage: 2162
Driven this week: 602 miles

There's a wealth of information on the screen between the A1's two dashboard dials – it's amazing how much data can be shown on a small area.

You can see which radio station you're tuned in to, and it shows the time in a much bigger font than on the Audi MMI screen on the centre of the dash. There are other items such as what gear you're in and the outside temperature, too.

You can switch between seeing the average mpg and speed over the journey, the time the journey's taken and the date, which you can tweak from a roller on the steering wheel.

Week ending November 4
Mileage: 1560
Driven this week: 410 miles

When I got in the A1 on Monday morning, I thought it would be fairly obvious how to change the time after the clocks went back over the weekend.

I went to the Audi MMI menu, then straight to ‘Car’, expecting it to be under ‘Settings’. It wasn’t. After some frustrated minutes, I lost patience and decided to leave it until I could read the manual.

Thankfully, group production editor Euan Doig has more patience. Tucked away in the top left-hand corner of the menu screen is the ‘Time’ option – which, looking back, makes more sense.

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