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Mercedes CLS 250 CDI Sport

Week ending November 25
Total 3900
Driven this week 300miles

With nearly 4000 miles on the clock our Merc CLS 250CDI is starting to noticeably loosen up. This isn't only improving its acceleration and mid-range flexibility, it is having a positive affect on economy too.

On long journeys it's now regularly hitting 50mpg even at accepted motorway speeds. All of which adds up to 600 miles between refills, which is welcome for all sorts of reasons.

In other news I am just about to get some winter tyres fitted on the Merc through the company's dealer programme.

I love seat warmers - even in summer I've been known to use them to take the chill off the driving seat - and I am a big fan of the CLS's. It heats up very quickly and to a nice toasty temperature, too. I have even had to turn the heat down a setting or two, which is a first for me.

Week ending November 11
Mileage: 2870
Driven this week: 100 miles

The CLS's sloping roof line didn't affect the two rear-seat passengers last weekend - both were under four feet tall! The CLS might not be the first car on your list when you need to ferry about young children, but it coped admirably with my four- and one-year-old daughters. The long seatbelts are ideal for stretching around child seats.

Week ending November 4
Mileage: 2769 miles
Driven this week: 530 miles

To Manchester and back on less than a tank of petrol? I didn’t think it could be done, even with consistent, low-impact driving – but I was happy to be proved wrong.

A late departure meant a leisurely cruise wasn’t an option on the first leg, but the Merc made light work of the 230 miles to get me to the church on time for a christening – and with over half a tank of fuel still to be burned.

In Eco mode, even with 200 miles of agonising stop-start motorway lurching on Sunday evening’s return haul, the car was impressively frugal, delivering me home with enough fuel left for half a week’s commuting.

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