Our cars: Lexus CT200h - November

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Lexus CT200h SE-L Premier

Week ending November 25
Mileage: 472
Driven this week: 200 miles

I’m still undecided on the Lexus satellite-navigation system, which uses a joystick-style controller to move a pointer around the screen.

On the plus side, it is easy to use and it makes changing radio stations a simple affair. It is well located and easy to reach without contorting into an odd position.

However, it has its negative points as well, with it taking some practice to adjust to the unfamiliar way of entering and editing your destination. The options screens are confusingly laid out as well – it took a great deal of hunting to turn off the irritating guidance voice.

Week ending November 18
Mileage: 276
Driven this week 276 miles

I've been perusing the spec sheet of our CT200h and there are some figures I hope you find interesting.

First up is the price - £34,610. That's a lot of money. Here's how it is broken down...

One the road price: £30,850
Metallic paint: £510
We've gone for Ultra Blue – it looked good on the Lexus car configurator and is even better in the metal.
ACC/PCS: £2700
I have two young children so was keen to have the safety kit that comes with the Lexus Pre-Crash Safety system with Adaptive Cruise Control. I'll write more about this feature later.
Lateral Damping System: £450
Our CT200h is the 2012 model year version that has had some suspension upgrades over the 2011 model. We'll try to make the most of the suspension improvements with the lateral damping system.

If the shelling-out figures make you wince, then the running costs should soften the blow. The car sits in VED Band A, so there's no road tax to pay. The car has CO2 emissions of 94g/km so company car tax is set at just 10% and the car has an average fuel economy of 68.9mpg.

I'll be keeping an extra close eye on that last figure, to see how close we can get to the average mpg in real-world conditions.

Week ending November 11
Mileage: 59 miles
Driven this week: 0

Great news! Our latest long-term test car has just arrived. It's a Lexus CT200h. It comes in top-spec SE-L Premier trim and in a rather stylish Ultra Blue paint job. I've barely spent any time in the car so far, but the cabin looks fantastic and the seats seem very comforatble.

Nice Lexus touch? In the glove compartment there's a pouch with a cleaner and cloth to clean the sat-nav display. Might just use that for my glasses as well.

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