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Honda Civic
Honda Civic
Honda Civic 2.2 i-DTEC ES

Week ending November 23
Mileage 14,820
Driven this week: 100 miles

Honda Civic review

The Civic is leaving us soon, and although I'll miss it in many ways, I've recently driven a number of new models that I think I'd prefer.

Last week I wrote about the new Audi A3 which, like-for-like, doesn't cost much more than the Civic, and is much classier.

This week I drove the closely related Seat Leon, which is much cheaper and similarly good to drive. The 1.2 TSI S model has a brilliant petrol engine, and costs £1285 less than the cheapest petrol-powered Civic model.

Honda's new 1.6 i-DTEC diesel is now available in the Civic, however, and I think it will give the range a welcome boost.

By Leo Wilkinson

Week ending November 16
Mileage 14,720
Driven this week: 242 miles

I've been driving lots of different cars this week, one of which was the new Audi A3. I was deeply impressed by the quality of its cabin and, whether or not you're a fan of the Audi badge, there's no doubt it's a classy and desirable new car.

I drove the 2.0 TDI 150 3dr model, which costs £21,505. That's only £10 more than our Civic. The five-door A3 Sportback version - which goes on sale early next year - costs another £620, which isn't a big stretch.

The Civic is better equipped, with a cruise control, dual-zone climate control, automatic lights and wipers and a rear-view camera as standard. These all cost extra for the A3.

Still, as much as I like the Civic, the Audi is better to drive, more refined and has a wonderful interior. That's enough to sway me, I think.

By Leo Wilkinson

Honda Civic 2.2 i-DTEC ES

Week ending November 9
Mileage 14,478
Driven this week: 495 miles

Honda Civic review

Although it's been with us for eight months, I'm still discovering new things about the Civic.

This week I made a rare attempt to get to grips with the information system, which is a complicated set-up that shows different menus depending on whether the car's ignition is on or off.

With it off, you get access to a wider range of options, including the ability to switch between showing the car's mpg and its remaining range.

You can also, I discovered, change the colour of the backlighting. I tried amber, then red, then grey, before returning to the original blue hue, which I think looks best.

By Leo Wilkinson

Week ending November 2
Mileage 13,983
Driven this week: 733 miles

I had my first experience of the current-generation Civic last week when I borrowed colleague Leo Wilkinson’s long-termer. It's fair to say the experience was mixed.
The good points are undoubtedly the engine, which is smooth and punchy, and the gearbox, which is light, easy and accurate.

However, there are a couple of aspects that aren't so good, such as the poor rear visibility and the extremely poor ride quality. The rear indicators are also tricky to see when you're following the car.

That said, the boot is truly huge, and easily took a couple of sacks of feed for my wife's horse. There was plenty of space in the rear when I gave a couple of friends a lift, too.

Finally, the audio system is clear and powerful, which is just as well because I had to crank it up to drown out the deeply irritating whistle from the driver's door seal.


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