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Range Rover Evoque 2.2 SD4 Prestige 4WD

Week ending November 30
Mileage 14,650
Driven this week: 200 miles

The Evoque has been back at base this week, while I’ve been in the United States on a BMW press trip. Interestingly, though, the US experience has persuaded me that I’ve been perhaps a little harsh on the Rangie’s infotainment system.

I have criticised the limited Bluetooth connectivity on the Evoque’s sound set-up, which doesn’t give me any track information at all when I’m streaming songs from Spotify on my Android mobile phone. It all seems a bit, well, rudimentary.

Thing is, we spent a day this week driving top-spec BMW X5s from Seattle up to the company’s new factory at Moses Lake and back – a good four hours each way. Would you believe it? The BMW’s infotainment system didn’t connect with my phone in any more communicative a fashion. It turns out that Spotify on Android is still work in progress, and known for offering only the bare essentials when it comes to car connectivity.

I’m not about to forgive the Evoque’s slightly hazy screen and ZX Spectrum-esque processing power, though. When the £250 set-up on a £9k VW Up is crisper and quicker to respond to inputs than the factory-fit unit on a £40k Range Rover, something’s wrong.

By John McIlroy

Range Rover Evoque 2.2 SD4 Prestige 4WD

Week ending November 16
Mileage 14,320
Driven this week: 170 miles

I recently took the Evoque away for the weekend with Mrs Mac, which gave me a chance to put the car's boot to the test. When I'm going anywhere, you see, the most it has to cope with is an overnight bag – easy.

My better half, though, requires multiple pairs of shoes for any occasion – and that means 'travelling light' is much less of an option. Sure enough, on this recent sortie our family-sized suitcase was called into action.

I didn't have any problems hurling the thing over the relatively high sill. Nor am I about to say that the Evoque failed to cope with it. However, it was a fairly tight fit length-wise – revealing, perhaps, where Land Rover's engineers did make compromises in order to deliver the car's concept looks and still allow it to carry four people.

No complaints, from my wife or me, on ride comfort or cruising refinement, though. It seems that the longer the distance you throw at it, the better the baby Rangie performs.

By John McIlroy

Week ending November 9
Mileage 14,150
Driven this week: 350 miles

I had the Evoque over the weekend and, to be honest, I was a bit worried how my two daughters would get on in the car.

The car has a high rear window line, and I was concerned that they wouldn't be able to see out – thereby inducing car sickness.

I needn't have worried. True, the girls didn't get a great view out, but the panoramic sunroof more than compensated. The light floods in, making the rear seats a bright and airy place to be. Admittedly, they didn't have to spend a long time in the car – we were only zipping around town – so I couldn't comment on how they'd feel after a couple of hours in the car.

I'm glad we ordered our Evoque with the panoramic sunroof. If you are thinking of buying an Evoque here's our how to spec a Range Rover Evoque guide.

By Iain Reid

Week ending November 2
Mileage 13,798
Driven this week 698 miles

This week I borrowed the Evoque for a weekend thrash to Cornwall and back at the beginning of half-term.

My children (aged 7 and 11) found there to be enough space in the back, although no more than that. A weekend's worth of adult luggage and a week's worth of children's luggage and toys just about fitted, but I can think of other occasions in our motoring year where the Evoque would fall short.

On the trip we saw quite a few Evoques and made a point of looking at who was driving them. The straw poll suggests they're popular with older couples who no longer prioritise family-friendly needs, and younger affluent couples without children. It's not an obvious family car in all honesty.

That said, it made easy meat of the M3, A303 and M5, particularly during the return leg on a wet, dark night. It's refined, comfortable and feels suitably plush – as it should for a £40k car.

Having completed 500 miles and plastered the Evoque in autumnal road grime, I thought a jet wash would be the least I could do before returning it. I hadn't bargained on cleaning half of it with my fingers and thumbs, though.

The brush tool doesn't come close to cleaning the many nooks and crannies of the Evoque, particularly around the nose and tail of the car. Plus, with a white car, any missed bits stand out badly. It was a fiddly job, but it looks great again.


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