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Mazda CX-5 2.2D Skyactiv-D 150 Sport Nav

Week ending November 30
Mileage 13,300
Driven this week: 280 miles

Mazda CX-5 review

Argh! Someone has whacked the door mirror on our CX-5. I was out shopping at the weekend and when I got back to the car I saw that the driver's side door mirror was cracked. If only I'd remembered to fold in the mirrors after I'd parked it.

Actually, one of my gripes had been that the door mirrors don't automatically fold in when you lock the car. I think this would have saved my mirror on this occasion. As it is, another hefty repair bill looms.

By Iain Reid

Week ending November 23
Mileage 13,020
Driven this week 270 miles

Our CX-5 reached another milestone this week, as the dashboard display which shows how long the Mazda's stop-start system has been engaged since we got the car has clicked passed 12 hours. I'm not sure how I feel about that. If your glass is half full, you could say that's 12 hours that the car has not been needlessly burning fuel in traffic jams. Or you could say that's 12 hours wasted stuck in traffic jams.


Week ending November 16
Mileage 12,750
Driven this week: 350 miles

The CX-5 has had its first service, carried out by Guildford Mazda. It cost £199.42, which I reckon is not too bad these days. Yes, it is essentially an oil change and a range of visual checks, but it's certainly cheaper than some of the cars on our fleet.

Frustratingly, I'd asked Guildford Mazda to check out the rattly back seat, but they said that as another garage already did some warranty work on the seat (MKG 3000 in September) they couldn't investigate the rattle because they wouldn't get paid by Mazda for doing the work. I'd have to go back to MKG 3000.

Despite this, I have a sneaky suspicion they might have tightened up a screw here and there because the cabin was surprisingly quiet on the drive back from the garage.

The CX-5 was given a thorough clean, too, and Mazda gives you a handy service record that estimates when the next one is due, given the car's mileage.


Week ending November 9
Mileage 12,400
Driven this week: 70 miles

The CX-5 has been booked in for a service has been booked at Guildford Mazda for next week. They have a text message reminder service, just in case I forget, and I have been told there's a waiting area with tea, coffee and newspapers, so I'll hang around the dealership until the car is ready. The service is estimated to take around 90 minutes, but I'd rather get the rattle fixed (see below) rather than get out the door quickly.


Week ending November 2
Mileage 12,330
Driven this week 70 miles

The Mazda CX-5's oil change warning light came on this week, so it's time to book the car's first service. I expect it will be not much more than an oil change, topping up the fluids, some visual checks and maybe swapping the tyres around again, but it will still cost the best part of £200. I've called a few local dealerships and there's not much difference in terms of price, so whoever I choose will be down to who can fit me in at a time that suits me.

The rattle from the back seat has returned, so hopefully that can get fixed once and for all at the same time.

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