Our cars: Mazda CX-7 2.2D - October

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Reverse parking was a pain - until we spent £550 on rear sensors
Reverse parking was a pain - until we spent £550 on rear sensors
Mazda CX-7 2.2D Sport Tech

Our CX-7 IS awkward to park in tight spaces. I knew we had a problem when my wife began to avoid multi-storey car parks.

The CX-7 already has a reversing camera, which is great for avoiding objects directly behind the car, but no good for judging the corners, and there is no manufacturer-fit option for parking sensors. Then I saw a CX-7 with rear sensors.

Sure enough, they are a dealer-fit option. A call to Mazda’s MKG 3000 dealership in Twickenham (020 8894 7504) confirmed their availability, and the £550 price for front and rear sensors (£250 for the parts and £300 for labour), which seems expensive as an add-on.

After fitting the sensors, MKG 3000 forgot to reconnect the offside rear light cluster, but I managed to fix it myself rather than go back to the dealership.

At the same time, I had a dog guard fitted, to keep our cocker spaniel safe. At £130 (fitted) it’s also a bit expensive, but it does fit perfectly without compromising the floor of the boot.

These additions ‘complete’ the CX-7 for me, and as the miles pile on, economy has improved by a couple of mpg to around 36mpg.

I just hope those sensors don’t encourage my wife to go on more shopping sprees!

Our cars: Mazda CX-7 2.2D - September


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