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  • Ford S-Max long-term test
  • Year-long review
  • Tested by Peter Lawton
It's hello to our new long term test car, the Ford S-Max
It's hello to our new long term test car, the Ford S-Max
Ford S-Max 2.0 Ecoboost Titanium Powershift
List price
Target Price £22,484
Extras Alcantara trim £1550; DVD sat-nav £1200; bi-xenon lights £700; Seat Pack £500; metallic paint £495; rear camera £325; keyless entry £200; Space Pack £200; power folding mirrors £175
Test fuel economy 23.8mpg
Official fuel economy 34.9mpg
CO2/tax liability 189g/km/26%

I’ve got a wife and two kids, but I’ve never had an MPV before.

From the postbag we get at What Car?, it would seem many of you would rather never have one, even when you’ve got one more sprog in your brood than I do. This is mainly because some people perceive MPVs as lumbering boxes with lots of seats and space, but zero style and no excitement.

Well, say hello to the meanest, sharpest MPV on the block – our new Ford S-Max. It looks good, it’s brilliant to drive and it’s fast.

We picked up our Ink Blue car from Dagenham Motors in Barking, where salesman Kaz Habib took us through the features – and there were plenty for him to go through because I got a little bit carried away with the options list.
The S-Max is a big car, so I went for a rear-view camera at £325. That was followed by the all-singing, all-dancing £1200 DVD touch-screen navigation system.

There's room for another in the back
Next was the £500 Seat Pack for power adjustment of the front seats – with memory settings on the driver’s side – and folding door mirrors. Another £200 bought the Space Pack, which includes a pair of folding tables and sunblinds for the kids on the second row.

The S-Max quickly demonstrated to the Lawton family that seven seats plus lots
of room doesn’t need to add up to poor performance.

The turbocharged 2.0-litre Ecoboost petrol engine we’ve gone for produces 200bhp and can hurl the S-Max from 0-62mph in just 8.2sec, which certainly raised our eyebrows the first time we left a set of traffic lights in haste.

Hang on a minute, though. A turbocharged petrol? In an S-Max? Are we mad? Oh yes, and we’ve added a twin-clutch Powershift semi-automatic gearbox, too.

As well as putting the S-Max through the tough demands of family life, we also want to see just how much ‘Eco’ there really is in that Ecoboost name. While the official fuel consumption figure of 34.9mpg isn’t bad for a 200bhp car, it’s also 0.4mpg better than the 143bhp 2.0-litre petrol-engined model can muster.

Maybe it is a bit eco-friendly after all.

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