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Hyundai ix35 1.7 CRDi Premium

Week ending October 28
Mileage 20,128
Miles this week 393

Sometimes it's the small things that can prove to be the most annoying.

When there's dew or mist on the windows of the ix35, you can't clear them by winding the electric windows down.

I can push the driver window out to try and get it to wipe on the seals, but it often thinks there's a problem and reverses direction so only a small section is cleared.

I can also sit on the driveway with the air-con going full tilt to clear the windows, but that delays departure for too long for my liking.

So, I wind the front windows down at junctions until the air-con has done its job, and then I'm irritated that it's only one-touch operation on the driver's side.

I know, I know, if I had a cloth or a little wiper blade I could sort out the mist in seconds, but I just haven't got around to getting one.

I used my daughter's natural sponge from the bath one weekend, but she complained bitterly. Can't blame her really.

It's the small things…

Week ending October 21
Mileage: 19,735
Driven this week: 240 miles

There's a hole in my tyre.

We found a dirty great self-tapping screw buried deep in the tread of the IX35's offside rear tyre recently.

The tyre hasn't lost any pressure, but with a couple of long motorway journeys coming up it made even more sense to get it dealt with right away.

I popped around to the local tyre outfit and they patched up the tyre and rebalanced it for the princely sum of £17. Great price, and now I'm no longer worried about sudden and catastrophic tyre failure, which is good.

In retrieving the locking wheelnut tool from underneath the boot floor, I was also surprised to find that the Hyundai has a full-size spare tyre on an alloy wheel. You see that less and less these days.

Week ending October 7
Mileage: 19,300
Drive this week: 430 miles

A colleague and I managed to frazzle the multi-media system in the ix35 by plugging in one phone for music, connecting another by Bluetooth to make a call and changing the destination on the sat-nav all at the same time.

The whole caboodle seized up and wouldn’t respond to any inputs, although we could still listen to the music, thankfully.

We stopped at the next services to switch off, lock the car and restart in the hope it would reset the overburdened system, but no cigar...

It was fine the next morning, after being left to calm down overnight, and there haven’t been any problems with it since.
Peter Lawton

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