Our Cars: BMW 5 Series Touring - October

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BMW 5 Series Touring 520d M Sport

Week ending October 14
Mileage 15441
Driven this week: 584 miles

I like a car with a long rear seatbelts. It makes installing a childseat so much easier if you have a lot of seatbelt to play with as you pull the belt around the seat. Thankfully, our 5 Series Touring has more than enough so family carrying duties are done with ease.

Week ending October 7
Mileage 14,857
Driven this week 406 miles

Colleagues might have raved about the long-distance and high-speed cruising ability of the 5 Series, but it has proved a less-than perfect fit for a 15-mile commute across urban streets.

The manual gearbox is great when you get to third or higher, but it takes some practice to get the revs right so shifts are smooth on the many changes between first and second brought on by red lights and lollipop ladies.

Get it wrong and the engine is willing to stall all too easily, although knock the lever into neutral and the stop-start system will fire everything back up again to let you pretend it was all intentional in the first place.

Our Cars: BMW 5 Series Touring - September


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