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Audi A2
Audi A2
Audi A2 1.4 TDI SE (used)

Week ending October 14
Total mileage 31,550
Mileage this week 150

I borrowed the A2 to pick my other half up from Heathrow the other day, and was both impressed and disappointed.

Its combination of tiny dimensions and a raised driving position made it ideal for tackling the tight confines of the multi-storey car park at Terminal 1.

What’s more, there was enough space to lay a large suitcase flat in the boot – something you’d struggle to do in most modern superminis.

It’s just a pity the A2 feels so dated in other areas: the diesel engine is unbelievably rough, there’s loads of slack in the steering and I’ve driven few cars that wanders around as alarmingly at motorway speeds.

Week ending October 7
Mileage 31,398
Mileage this week 74

I had noticed that the Audi’s handling felt a little stodgy, and realised that it had been a few weeks since I’d checked the car’s tyre pressures.

Once at the nearest petrol station I was surprised to find that all four wheels were a few PSI down. After the tyres were correctly inflated, I was amazed how much better the A2 felt. The steering was more responsive and the ride more composed.

I’m also wondering if there’ll be an improvement in fuel economy. However, I’ll have to do a few brim-to-brim comparisons before I know for sure.

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