Our cars: Nissan Leaf - October

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Nissan Leaf

Week ending: October 28
Mileage: 2053
Driven this week: 103

Driving the Leaf this week has been my first all-electric driving experience, and I’m almost convinced. Almost, because while it makes perfect sense on my short 10-mile each-way London commute, a solid UK charging infrastructure is needed before longer distance motorway commuters can rest easy watching that range predictor.

For my needs, though, the cheeky Nissan is fantastic. It’s easily quick enough around town, has a good ride and manages to be practical yet stylish inside. My only real gripe is its front three-quart visibility. Thick A-pillars meant a couple of T-junctions on the way home involved a lot of leaning forward.

Week ending October 7
Mileage 1950
Driven this week 150

I find myself using the Leaf a lot more for journeys around town. The quietness of it, comfort and twist 'n' go ease of use is really appealing. Proof if it were needed that silence and good rolling comfort are two of the biggest factors in a luxurious feel.

Our cars: Nissan Leaf - September


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