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Mini Coupe Oct 7
Mini Coupe Oct 7
Mini Coupe John Cooper Works

Week ending October 28
Current mileage 3396
Miles driven this week 310

I know I'm not the strongest person, but I usually cope with day-to-day things – including boot lids. However, that wasn't the case when I borrowed the Mini Coupe.

I find that this Mini's bootlid is just too heavy for me to open one-handed without a struggle, and closing it throws up similar issues. This makes things awkward, since you have to find somewhere to put your luggage while you struggle with the boot.

Week ending October 21
Mileage 3086
Miles driven this week: 286

'Why don't you buy a proper sports car, numpty?' This was the view of one passing driver who felt compelled to express his opinion about our Mini Coupe JCW loudly from his car window. Although he didn't use the word 'numpty'.

For all his passion on the subject, this chap has been the exception rather than the rule. Otherwise, the Mini’s looks have come in for warm praise from the general public. It’s been a long time since we drove a car with this sort of head-turning ability, and people seem to love its slinky lines and bold detailing.

Our encounter proves that you can’t please everybody when it comes to design, but one negative comment among dozens of positive ones is pretty good going.

We’re also confident that if our abuser ever finds himself behind the wheel of a JCW, he’ll quickly revise his opinion about it being a ‘proper’ sports car.

Week ending October 7
Mileage 2800
Miles driven this week: 448 miles

This is my new long-termer, the rip-snorting John Cooper Works version of the stunning new Mini Coupe.
By looking at this picture, you’ve already seen more of the car than I have during my first week of ownership. The minute I took delivery, my colleagues on the Road Test Desk whisked the Mini away to participate in a group test with major rivals like the VW Scirocco and Peugeot RCZ.

Find out how it got on in the group test by reading the December issue of What Car?, which goes on sale on October 20th.

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