Our cars: Suzuki Swift Sport - October

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Suzuki Swift
Suzuki Swift
Suzuki Swift 1.6 Sport

Week ending October 26
Total mileage 4664
Driven this week: 50 miles

Suzuki Swift

I normally favour a low driving position; being close to the road somehow makes me feel more in tune with the car I’m driving. So, I wondered how I’d get on with our Swift Sport, which has rather perch-like seats.

Like pretty much everything else about the Swift, though, its high chairs are brilliantly designed, and the car’s sportiness isn’t compromised one iota.

When you’re behind the wheel, you really do feel that you’re a part of the car as it ducks and dives around bends and powers along straights. I’m a convert.


Week ending October 19
Total mileage 4614
Driven this week 406 miles

If you believe its trip computer, our Swift Sport sure is one frugal little hot hatch. The trip’s reading of 44mpg is bang on its official average fuel consumption figure, too.

Except it’s not – according to our fuel log, the Swift’s only managed to average 27.2mpg over the past month. What’s going on? Is the trip telling porkies?

It’s not unusual for cars to get fuel consumption slightly wrong, but the Swift seems to be 38% out, which is quite some going. Its about to get its second grilling by our TrueMPG fuel testers, so we’ll see what the science has to say.


Week ending October 12
Total mileage 14,208
Driven this week: 108 miles

I borrowed the Swift Sport for a couple of days and absolutely loved it.

Suzuki has given it the sort of agile handling and rev-hungry engine that made the old car such a riot, yet the addition of a sixth gear means you can drive the new car on the motorway without your ears bleeding.

The only thing that lets the Swift down is its abysmal infotainment system. Even after reading the manual, I couldn't work out how to connect my phone to the Bluetooth, or stream music.

By Steve Huntingford

Week ending October 5
Mileage 4100
Driven this week: 400 miles

The recent heavy rainfall has been causing problems for many of us, and our Swift hasn't been dealing with it particularly well, either.

Last weekend, the windscreen wipers were in action more often than not, and they drove me absolutely mad. On every sweep, they made an irritating squeaking noise whenever the wiper arm got to the top of its stroke and changed direction. I hope than a new set of blades will solve the problem.

Other than that, I loved the car – its perky performance and agile handling can brighten up any wet weekend.

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