Our cars: Ssangyong Korando - October

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Ssangyong Korando
Ssangyong Korando
Ssangyong Korando 2.0D 4WD SX

Week ending October 26
Mileage: 6585
Driven this week: 384

Ssangyong Korando review

The more time I spend in the Korando, the more I warm to its basic - but so far robust - interior. I like its uncomplicated approach, and while drivers of more expensive SUVs will say that its plastics look cheaper and the dials lack finesse, there is something to be appreciated in the Ssangyong's austere approach.

The various storage areas continue to impress, too, and aside from the irritatingly difficult-to-use infotainment system, it is generally a perfectly acceptable place to be. I have also noticed that the fabric seats seem to be standing up to the rigours of family life pretty well. Upon each clean they’ve come up well, without any lasting marks.


Week ending October 19
Mileage: 6201
Driven this week: 267

Ssangyong Korando review

I have been staring at a green ECO light on the Korando's dash for a little while, wondering what it might possibly do to help fuel economy. It’s triggered by the cruise control stalk, so I guessed there must be some link, but couldn’t work it out.

Having tried all sorts of tactics to understand its use, I finally admitted defeat and consulted the manual. It turns out that with ECO activated, the car will resume your chosen speed at optimum acceleration to ensure fuel economy is not compromised.

I can’t say that I have noticed a big difference between each setting, and on cars with manual gearboxes I tend to do the work myself between cruises. The principle behind it though, is a perfectly good idea.


Week ending October 12
Mileage: 5934
Driven this week: 356

On the slightly colder mornings we've been having lately, I've needed to de-mist the Korando, especially when accompanied by three school boys at least once a week. Perhaps I haven't cracked the nuances of the manual ventilation system, but it seems to mist-up very easily and very quickly. It's not too difficult to clear again once the heating controls are focused upon the job, but it will be interesting to see how it does when the weather gets really cold and damp.

This point aside, I have no complaints about the general heating or cooling capacity of the Korando (which includes manual air-conditioning). The chrome-edged controls are probably the poshest of all those in the car, and it's an easy system to operate.


Week ending October 5
Mileage: 5578
Driven this week: 402

A colleague recently borrowed our Korando for its first towing mission – to bring home an old Austin Princess of all things. Apparently, the duo even captured the eye of a McLaren MP4-12C driver – isn’t that supposed to work the other way around? The good news is that our Ssangyong did a solidly impressive job, which is encouraging because I plan to do some towing myself next year.

Another benefit of loaning the car is that the seat position my colleague left me is more comfortable than the one I had chosen myself. We are of similar(ish) size, but the small changes he made seem to have made a noticeable improvement. It’s helped me realise that the Korando’s seats are both comfortable and supportive.


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