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Audi Q3
Audi Q3
Audi Q3 2.0 TDI 140 S line

Week ending October 26
Mileage 6215
Driven this week: 214 miles

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The Audi Q3's back seats have been playing host to passengers of differing sizes this week.

To start with it ferried my sons to climbing, and there were no complaints about the amount of space or visibility from the back. That said, my eldest is 6ft tall now, so he's not exactly seeing things from a child's viewpoint these days.

The bigger test, however, was when I loaded the rear seats up with three strapping colleagues to head to our weekly evening football session. There was a little more noise coming from behind me in terms of grumbling on this occasion, as it was a bit of a squeeze getting three adults next to each other. Head and leg space was fine, but there were a few shoulders being rubbed together.


Week ending October 19
Mileage 6001
Driven this week: 701 miles

I borrowed the Q3 this week and it left me pretty impressed. The performance from its 2.0-litre diesel engine was a particular highlight.

I drove on roads around west London, and the Q3's strong acceleration came in handy when I needed to accelerate out of junctions swiftly and safely.

The Q3's interior is solid and comfortable, although the gearlever seems set unusually far back on the centre console.

I'd like to try an SE model, though. I've heard much about how smooth the Q3's ride is, but the S line suspension of our car is a little on the firm side for my taste.

By Leo Wilkinson

Week ending October 12
Mileage 5300
Driven this week: 300 miles

It's only the second time that I've driven our Audi Q3, and I was shocked at how good the ride was as I drove it across a plethora of London's speed bumps. It's a poor reflection on modern cars that a good ride should be the exception not the rule, but at least there are still exceptions.

I like the Q3's styling, and I'm surprised I don't see more examples on the road. Behind the wheel, it's pleasant to drive and easy to see out of, although I don't think the dashboard and centre console – traditionally an Audi strong point – look special enough to compete with the Range Rover Evoque.

By Ed Keohane

Week ending October 5
Mileage 5000
Driven this week: 200 miles

The Audi Q3 comes with halogen headlights as standard, but because it is still light when I set off home of an evening I haven't had much reason to use them.

No doubt that will change as the nights draw in, but I've found a way to see just how bright the bulbs are already.

A local multi-storey car park had all we needed for a photo shoot, except a decent amount of light. Up stepped the Audi Q3. I positioned it just out of shot, popped the lights on to full beam, and got the shot I needed.


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