Our cars: Renault Twizy - October

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Renault Twizy
Renault Twizy
Renault Twizy

Week ending October 25
Mileage 811
Driven this week: 56 miles

Renault Twizy review

Although I’m familiar with the quirky Twizy, I got my first chance to test it in wet conditions this week.

A sense of anti-climax engulfed me when I saw a pile of autumnal leaves and puddles in the footwell and rear seat. Further disappointment came with the vibration felt upon negotiating a manhole cover in the streets of Teddington.

Handling on the damp road surface was compromised, courtesy of the Twizy’s narrow eco-tyres: the Twizy had a tendency to skid with sharp cornering.

Despite this, I got a pleasant surprise when performing a three-point turn, courtesy of the tiny turning circle. Moreover, the Twizy behaves splendidly in traffic and provokes vast amounts of interest.

Note to self though; never drive a Twizy with a cold coming on.

By Mike Armstrong

Week ending October 19
Mileage 755
Driven this week: 53 miles

I took the Twizy on another trip home, to see if I could improve on last week's eco-performance.

Unfortunately, it was raining heavily on my latest Teddington-Bromley run. This meant that the wiper was on full tilt for most of the journey, which took its toll on the battery. Worse, though, stopping at the many red lights on the way, I was rained on through the windowless door openings. Raincoat or not, my jeans got wet, while my jacket was lightly peppered with rain.

The rain wasn't a problem while driving. The plastic curves by the door mirrors deflected the water away from the cabin.

The next morning, after a night of torrential rain, the drain hole in the driver's seat had done its job well, but I had to dry both seats with a towel.

By Peter Brown

Week ending October 5
Mileage 702
Driven this week: 65 miles

This week I took the office Twizy on my usual Teddington-Bromley 40-mile round-trip commute. Apart from the chilly ride, I was expecting to get home and back to the office on a single charge. However, the cold weather and the shortage of daylight meant I had various systems – lights, windscreen heater, pedestrian alert beeps – running at the same time.

The Twizy started its journey with a predicted 41-mile range and I got home with a range of 18 miles, or 48%. I had to plug it in to charge overnight therefore.

In the morning, I found one of the doors open, and the charger unplugged. I don't have a lockable charging point on my driveway, and the local drunk must have had a nose around inside during the night. It'll be interesting to see if there are any reports on electric car/charging point vandalism over the coming years. It's all too easy to pull an amusing prank, unplug the cable and make me an hour late for work while I finish the charge cycle.


Week ending October 5
Mileage 637
Driven this week: 100 miles

The Twizy is one of those cars that just demand attention. As soon as my kids saw it, they were all over it.

Not only that, but a mum and her little boy who were just passing wanted to have a look inside, and my neighbours were straight over to have a look around the car. I have barely spoken to them in six years, but it was the Twizy that acted as ice-breaker.

By Iain Reid

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