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Honda CR-V 2.2 i-DTEC auto EX

Week ending October 4
Mileage 29,649
Driven this week 958

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A few long trips and holiday jaunts suddenly meant that the CR-V’s 25,000-mile service needed to be done ASAP.

I called Honda dealer Hendy Southampton, and after an initially good impression, things went rapidly downhill when I took in the car. The level of service that I received was certainly nowhere near that I received from August Honda in Salisbury when they carried out the 12,500-mile service.

I arrived and the friendly service staff asked about the exhaust shield that needed attention – no problem. They would look at the offending item and fix it – great. I was then given the key to a courtesy car, as promised.

However, on getting into the Jazz I was greeted by an interior that belied its six short months as a courtesy car. It resembled the mucky interior of a farmer’s pick-up truck. On turning the key the car informed me that it had only five miles of fuel left – just enough to get me to the nearest fuel station. I set off to get fuel, and realised I needed to give the grubby windscreen a quick squirt with the washers. No joy here either – the washer bottle was even emptier than the fuel tank.

On returning to Southampton I was greeted by my now gleaming CR-V so they had partially redeemed themselves and I was feeling slightly less grumpy about being relieved of £285.

The service team said they had managed to fix the loose and flapping exhaust shield by fitting a new clip to secure it. They clearly hadn’t listened to me, because the problem wasn’t, as I had explained, with the clip. It was the cover that had ripped where the clip should have been secured through it.

By now it was 5.55pm on a Friday so I had to take the car as it was. Within the first few hundred metres of my journey home it was apparent that the noise from the shield was slightly louder if anything, both at low speed and on the motorway.

So, I’ll have to take the car back again to get the problem fixed properly, but this time I think I’ll be returning to August in Salisbury and their pristine courtesy cars.

By Will Williams

Our cars: Honda CR-V - August


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