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Renault Twizy Technic

Week ending October 11
Mileage 1910
Driven this week 18

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My girlfriend has been in the Twizy four times now, and her tolerance of its chilly open sides and lack of suspension has degraded with each journey.

I grabbed the key this week to head into London, as we had tickets to see Billy Elliot in Victoria, and with the above in mind, I decided to keep quiet about how we’d be getting home.

The Twizy was as superb as ever in rush hour, getting me there in just half an hour. Its instant torque and narrow body mean you really can get to - and fit through - gaps you’d have no hope of conquering in a city car.

Now I’m used to its limits, I have no anxieties about range, either As it turned out, we both laughed as much on the drive home as we did watching Billy Elliot. I’ll honestly miss it when it’s gone.

By Rory White - Rory.White@whatcar.com

Week ending October 4
Mileage 1892
Driven this week 32

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We’ve been a bit short of cars in the office this week, so I took the Twizy when I had to get to Heathrow – a considerable test given that this involved several miles on the M4.

The Twizy obviously wouldn’t have been my first choice for such a journey, not least because it has a top speed of 50mph. However, this turned out to be just enough to let it keep pace with the slower lorries.

True, the Twizy does wander around a bit when you’re it asking for maximum speed, but it never felt dangerously unstable and, because it’s so narrow, I found it easy enough to stay in my lane.

I was far more concerned by the way the predicted range started to plummet at speed. Fortunately, the stop-start traffic at either end of the motorway let me get some extra charge into the batteries, and the Twizy completed the 32-mile roundtrip with 12 miles of range to spare.

By Steve Huntingford

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