Helpdesk December - Odometer reset to zero

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Odometer issues
Odometer issues
Name Helen Fiddy
Car Renault Grand Scénic
Problem Odometer reset to zero

Clocking – when a car’s odometer is wound back to show a lower mileage and boost the car’s value – is one of the hazards of the second-hand market. Renault Grand Scénic owner, Helen Fiddy, was amazed to discover that she would have to ‘clock’ her own car when the dashboard computer broke.

Helen was told there was no way of inputting the correct mileage of her five-year-old Renault into the replacement computer’s odometer. ‘I was told when I sell the car to explain that I have had a new dashboard computer fitted and tell the buyer the correct mileage.’

We queried this with Renault. The company told us there is a known issue with the dashboard computer on the Scénic II. Because it’s a known fault, the company has reduced the cost of replacing the computer on cars that are out of warranty from around £500 to £100.

However, we were amazed that Renault confirmed there’s no way of correctly setting the odometer, although the replacement of the computer and the correct mileage will be recorded in the service book.

If this happens to you
Be sure to take Renault up on its reduced price for a replacement dash computer if your car is out of warranty.
2 Check before you drive away from the dealer that the correct mileage has been recorded in the service book.
3 Be up front with any future buyer about the reason for the car’s apparent low mileage.

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