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This parking section of our review contains iPhone apps that will help you find parking spaces, pay for them and even lead you back to where you parked.

AA Parking
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Cost £1.99
Size 3.6mb

What is it? The AA Parking App locates parking spaces close by or at a destination of your choice.

How does it work? It uses your iPhone's GPS signal, the app will find the closest parking locations at the click of a button. You can also enter the postcode or address of your destination. The list reveals free and paid parking, along with the amount you'll have to pay. Other information such as directions, maximum vehicle height and the type of car park is also included.

Verdict: A great app that concentrates on fulfilling its purpose without the use of fussy design or superfluous gimmicks. Easy to use, and we found the additional information such as vehicle height very useful in tight city centre car parks – where some 4x4 vehicles will be too tall to enter. A must-have app for those who travel widely for business or pleasure.

Parking Aid
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Size 1.8mb

What is it? Ever mislaid your car in a car park, or in the middle of a field at music festival? This app will store its location then lead you right back to it.

How does it work? The app uses GPS to log your car's location and maps to lead you back to it. The user can either follow directions on a map, or use a view through the iPhone's camera, with arrows that lead the way.

Verdict? A fun-looking interface that's easy to navigate and set the location of your car. When it comes to finding your car again, you can use a map, directions, or the view through the camera. This live view is a quirky gimmick, but one that we wouldn't recommend if you want to find your car any time soon – it's just too fiddly.

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Size 1.6mb

What is it? The CarPooling app helps you cut your parking and fuel bills by hooking you up with someone to share your car or give you a lift.

How does it work? You enter the trip you want to take and the app searches for drivers who are willing to share. You can also add yourself as a driver and log the trips that you're willing to share.

Verdict Hitch-hiking the modern way. The site has 'authenticated users' whose identity has been confirmed for those worried about safety, while there's also a 'female driver for female passenger' setting, too. Our first attempt at organising a trip, from London to Bristol returned two offers; one of which appeared to be from a long-distance lorry driver travelling from Germany. This could be a very profitable app if you want to find a sharer to help with fuel and parking costs on a regular commute.


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