Audi A5 Sportback: Reader Test Team - Part 1

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So, what do readers think of Audi's coupe-turned-compact executive - the A5 Sportback?

Read the What Car? Reader Test Team's comments and views right here on, and have a look at the video, too.

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Michael Gould
Age 43
Lives Bushey, Hertfordshire
Drives Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet
Job Independent financial advisor

'I like the shape of the car, but the slope of the hatch compromises the usefulness of the boot. The boot lip is at a good height, although there's a slight drop inside and there's nothing to protect the lip from scratches. The 60/40 split-fold rear seats are good – they expand the boot considerably.

'There are just two seats in the back. It's poor to not even have the option of a third rear seat – it eliminates the dad who wants the flexibility to seat three children. Still, it's nice and roomy in the rear, and there's plenty of legroom.

'The pedals are offset, and the clutch is higher than the brake, which is very awkward. That said, the rest of the driving position is good – the wheel adjusts in two directions, everything is nicely positioned and the dials are clear.'

'I'm not sure who this car serves, though – it's neither fish nor fowl.'
Rating: 3 stars

Nick McHard
Age 59
Lives Woolage Green, Kent
Drives Currently without a car
Job University manager

'The car has nice lines – it manages to look like a coupe even though it has five doors.

'I'm impressed by the rear seats and the amount of room in the back, too – it's excellent. I also like the tailgate and access to the boot. The boot lip is a little higher than I'd like, but it's still better than in most saloons. The way that half of the parcel shelf remains fully attached to the hatch when it opens is good, too, and the tailgate has a nicely weighted feel.

'I'm a bit disappointed by the front, though – space is a bit compromised. There's a huge central pillar, and a thick, wide sill to step over, too.

'It's also really dark inside. Yes, you have a grey headlining, but everything else is dark, and I think the absence of a sunroof, even as an option to lighten things up a bit, is a mistake.'

'For the business driver, this car may fill a gap – some businesses won't let you have a three-door company car.'
Rating: 4 stars

Andy Mitchell
Age 46
Lives Guildford, Surrey
Drives Saab 9–3 Convertible
Job Company director

'Overall, I think that the A5 Sportback's package is good. The best view of the car is reserved for the driver, though, and the driver's seat is ultra-comfortable. If I had to be picky, there's a problem with the front visibility – to get the best view out, you need to stoop a little bit.

'The boot, with its hatchback opening, is one of the car's highlights: it's practical, and you get a 60/40 split rear seat. The boot's depth towards the back of the car disappoints, but it's still a useable space.

'Is it too much to ask for a fifth seatbelt in the cabin? I think that this A5 model goes so far into the 'practical' category that Audi should have made provision for a central rear seat.

'The A5 Sportback is a good-looking car, but there is something 'flabby' about it. I don't think that it looks as good as the Volkswagen Passat CC, although I prefer the Audi badge on the nose.'
Rating: 4 stars

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