Car Security Awards 2008 - Performance car

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1st: Audi S8
Price £72,100
Theft of
Theft from
It's hard to find fault with the Audi S8. The car scores full marks in virtually every area, whether you're looking at the strength of the locks, the quality of the alarm and immobiliser systems or key security.

The one tiny chink in its armour is a lack of vehicle identity etching on the laminated windows.

The top three cars in this segment all get a double five-star rating, but the S8 is still ahead.

2nd: Mercedes CL
Price from £81,425
The CL improves on past Mercedes results because the company now fits deadlocks to the doors, which means they can't be opened after a window is smashed.

3rd: Peugeot 407 Coupe
Price from £19,995
This group covers coupes, so the 407 family gets more silverware. It's a good result which could be further improved by an alarm tilt sensor.

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