Petrol or diesel calculator

  • New tool to help you decide
  • Don't assume diesel will win
  • Find out the three-year costs
Working out whether a diesel- or a petrol-powered car will be cheaper to run over three years is a complicated business. Our petrol versus diesel calculator will ensure you're making the most cost-effective decision

Let the facts do the talking
To help make the job a little easier, we've developed a tool to do the sums for you.

Fill in the boxes and the calculator will tell you the most cost-effective option based on your individual circumstances.

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Download your petrol vs diesel calculator

Download the petrol vs diesel calculator (pc version)

Download the petrol vs diesel calculator (Mac version)

Don't forget you can find all of the data you need by looking at the reviews of the cars you're considering.

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You can even run a comparison of two cars such as this.

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