Peugeot extends Just Add Fuel package

  • All-in-one payment package expanded
  • Now covers 21 year olds
  • Includes insurance, tax, servicing and more
Peugeot 107
Peugeot 107
Peugeot is extending its Just Add Fuel all-in car-buying package to include younger drivers.

Previously Peugeot offered the finance package to drivers aged 25 or older, but it has now extended it to include motorists who are 21 and above.

The Just Add Fuel offer includes all the major motoring costs in one monthly package. The costs included are car insurance, road tax, servicing, roadside assistance and warranty as part of a three-year package.

Peugeot reckons a typical 21-year-old would pay £215 a month for a 107 Active three-door (with a £1633 deposit) while a 208 1.0-litre Access three-door would cost £247 a month (with a £1593 deposit.)

Peugeot also says the cost is fixed over the three-year hire period, so while you don’t get the benefit of a drop in insurance costs as you build up a no-claims bonus, you also don’t pay any more if you have to make a claim. The company also includes all standard parts in the servicing costs, although owners would have to pay for worn parts such as tyres.

The factors that determine the monthly payments are: the car chosen, where the owner lives and the age of the youngest driver on the policy. Peugeot says that previous no claims bonuses will not count towards a lower premium, but drivers will be able to carry any no claims collected while using Just Add Fuel to future insurance policies.

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