Porsche 911 Cabriolet review

  • New 911 Cabriolet driven
  • Carrera £79,947; Carrera S £89,740
  • On sale March 3
The new Porsche 911 Cabriolet is a car that will appeal to the 911 diehard who has never previously felt the desire for an open-top version.

However, like the 911 coupe, which was launched last year, it will also win over those who have never really got on with Porsche’s iconic, rear-engined sports car.

It’s a handsome car, thanks to a roofline that’s as near as it can be to that of the coupe. Porsche has achieved this by swapping traditional tube roof bows for magnesium segments that butt up to each other to create a smooth support for the fabric.

What’s it like to drive? Porsche claims the new Cabriolet’s body is 18% stiffer – and over bumpy sections of road there's virtually no detectable body flex.

This stiffer body means the Cabriolet is pretty much identical to drive to the Coupe. It’s now on a par with the Cayman for driver confidence. There’s loads of grip and minimal body roll, and the traditional 911 nervousness is gone, so it’s far easier to pitch the car accurately into a corner.

As in the coupe, there are two models available from launch: the entry-level Carrera, which uses a 345bhp 3.4-litre flat-six, and the Carrera S with its 395bhp 3.8.

Both are brilliant, with the lower-powered version even sweeter than the S, with its crisper throttle responses lower down the rev range.

Again, as with the coupe, both a seven-speed manual gearbox and Porsche’s seven-speed PDK semi-auto 'box are available. The PDK gearbox suits the Cabriolet’s character particularly well.

What’s it like inside? Porsche’s trademark five-dial instrument panel remains, and the seating position is as good as ever.

The sat-nav screen still has a cluttered button layout beneath it, but the display itself is very clear.

The rear seats are so tight that they’re strictly for luggage and emergencies. That aside, this is a surprisingly practical car, with a deep front boot and a fully electric roof.

Should I buy one? The new 911 coupe is a Porsche that will appeal to more buyers than before – and the Cabriolet is the same, but possibly more so. It’s hard to think of a more capable drop-top.

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