Summer Survival Guide - Part 1 - Be prepared

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Welcome to's Summer Motoring Survival Guide, which aims to take the stress out of your travelling over the next few months.

You wouldn't leave home without getting dressed or brushing your teeth, so why think you can embark on a long holiday journey without preparing your car?

Giving your car - and yourself - the once-over will make the journey easier, more economical and safer for everyone travelling.

Over the coming pages, we will highlight essential tips and checks that can help make yours a summer you'll love. Many of them you should be doing regularly anyway - but you certainly need to get on top of them before you leave for your hols.

There are also some hints and recommendations on the best gadgets and games out there to make sure those miles roll by with a minimum of fuss.

So what are you waiting for? Get to it!

Summer Survival Guide - Part 1 - Checking oil and tyres


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