Reliability survey 2011 - How reliable is your car?

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We reveal the reliability ratings of cars and car makers in the following pages.

Use the resources below to help make decisions when you're buying one of their cars. Here are the facts and figures we've got for you:

How reliable is your car? We have 250 of the UK's most popular cars, so you can check out each individual model's rating right here.

Manufacturer results: Our at-a-glance review of how each manufacturer measured up.

The best and worst: Just hope that your car is in the top half of this panel - because it's our round-up of the best and worst cars of 2011

How reliable is your car?
Your car's reliability revealed: 2011
How reliable is the car you drive? Find out all the details from the average repair cost, to its overall rating. We've got 250 cars covered, so just use the dropdown menu, below, to reveal the facts on your car's reliability.

Manufacturer results

The best and worst

Reliability: The best and worst

The What Car? Reliability Survey is the most robust of its type in the UK, and up-to-date information can be found at any time at Warranty Direct's website.

Reliability survey 2011 - 35th-29th


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