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Reliable town transport
Name: Nikki Bird
Age: 29
Drives: Peugeot 307
Budget: £17,000
Wants: 'A more reliable car of the same, or similar, size.

I drive mostly in town, so a small petrol engine will do the trick. I'd like something that's better to drive, if possible.'

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Price: £16,520
Target Price: £15,346

Quite simply the best small family car. This 1.4 TSI is a real gem – it's economical, yet has plenty of punch.

What's more, the Golf is brilliant to drive, superbly refined and at least £1000 under Nikki's budget.


BMW 116i SE 5dr, '09/09
Price: £15,450

Nice to drive and the premium badge might appeal to Nikki.

It's also surprisingly frugal, managing nearly 49mpg, and 1 Series owners gave the thumbs-up for reliability in the latest JD Power survey.


AUDI A3 1.4 TFSI S line Sportback, '08/08
Price: £15,900

Nikki could snap up a top-of-the-range Audi A3 for a lot less than £17,000. It's high on quality and has the same great engine as the Volkswagen Golf.

Worth a look if Nikki fancies a premium badge.

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