Paris motor show report - Renault Zoe

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Renault Zoe
Renault Zoe
Renault has revealed its Zoe electric car at the Paris motor show.

This concept car is '90% close' to the production car, said Renault's chief designer Laurens van der Acker, and will be on sale in the UK next summer.

What will change will be the seating layout. The concept version is a four-seater, while the production Zoe will seat five. The light- and wheel design will be slightly different, too.

Renault is keen to make its electric cars look like 'normal' cars. 'It's not an iPod on wheels,' said van der Acker. 'It needs to look like a car. Making it look like something else would be a step too far [for Renault].'

Renault hasn't revealed prices for the Zoe, but says it should cost the equivalent of a diesel-powered Clio. Customers will buy the car, then will lease the batteries.

It is powered by a 60kW engine and a full battery charge takes betweem 3.5 and eight hours. It can achieve an 80% charge, however, in 37 minutes.

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