Save £1000s with the hottest car deals

  • VAT reduction adds to savings
  • Save £25,000 on a Ferrari F430
  • Or 10.25% on the new VW Golf MkVI
The recently announced VAT cut from 17.5% to 15% has brought more good news for car buyers, as prices are set to tumble further.

We've listed some of the hottest deals that will come into force with the new VAT rates on December 1.

Aston Martin DB9, Ferrari F430, Jaguar XKR, Maserati Quattroporte
Those with a serious wad of cash burning a hole in their pocket can save huge amounts on prestige cars. Visit internet broker and you’ll save £25,000 on a brand new Ferrari F430, £15,000 on a Jaguar XKR, £30,000 on a Maserati Quattroporte, and a £20,000 reduction on the Aston Martin DB9. The discount applies to stock cars only.

Audi R8
Anyone in the market for a new Audi R8 should visit now, because it has four R8s in stock at £10,000 under list price. The broker will also take 10% off the price of an Audi TT or A5.

Fiat Grande Punto
You can get 0% APR finance over three years if you put down a 25% deposit. Or, if you’ve got all the cash, you can have a free trim upgrade plus a further £375 off the price – a total saving of £1175. On top of all that, you’ll also get a five-year, unlimited-mileage warranty. The offer described is available from any main dealer, and we'd recommend haggling further.

Ford Fiesta
If you’re in the market for a new Fiesta, log on to for a saving of 11.25%, plus free metallic paint. If you buy a Zetec model, you’ll also get a further saving of £425 and free Bluetooth.

Ford S-Max
Shave nearly 25% off the price of a new Ford S-Max at internet broker The result is a 2.0 TDCi Zetec, which usually costs £21,478, can be yours for £16,345 - a saving of more than £5100.

Jaguar XKR
Buy a new XKR Convertible from internet broker and you’ll get an X-type 2.0D S worth £21,000 absolutely free. The deal applies to stock cars only.

Land Rover Freelander will sell you a brand new Land Rover Freelander for as little as £16,101, which is nearly £4700 less than the price you’ll find in a Land Rover brochure.

Kia Magentis
Buy one Kia Magentis and get another free at internet broker - meaning you’re paying less than £8000 for each car.

Volkswagen Golf
Visit for 10.25% off the Volkswagen Golf Mk VI.

Volvo V70
Save 20% on a new Volvo V70 at internet broker That works out to nearly £5000 off the 2.0d SE.


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