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Hyundai ix35 1.7 CRDi Premium

Week ending September 23
Mileage: 18,250
Driven this week 133 miles

It seems the ix35 is becoming pretty popular. Over the past couple of months, I’ve noticed many more on my daily commute, and one of my neighbours has even bought one. Silver and black appear to be the most popular colours, because I haven’t seen another one the same shade as mine.

The ix35 is the only crossover on the What Car? fleet, so has been used by everyone lately for all kind of trips, and everyone had issues with the car’s firm ride. However, one colleague discovered that the tyre pressures were quite high, so he lowered them slightly. Instantly, the sharp edge was taken off the ride.

Week ending September 16
Mileage: 18,117
Driven this week 1007 miles

I've spent some time in the ix35 recently and there are two things about it that bug me.

Firstly, it looks to me like the binnacle above the instrument dials isn't quite aligned with the centre of the steering wheel. It might be just me, but it's one of those things that once you've noticed it, you can't forget about it.

The other thing is the steering itself. It's too sensitive at high speed, so the ix35 isn't a very relaxing motorway cruiser.

Week ending September 9
Mileage: 17,100
Driven this week 600 miles

It was good to get back into my car after it being borrowed by various members of staff for holiday duties.

I've been driving many other cars in the meantime, but I've missed the Hyundai's higher seating position, especially on the motorways.

However, the more I drive it the more I'm becoming irritated by the overly light steering. It's great when I'm parking, but I constantly have to correct it on my long motorway commute, which is both tiring and annoying.

The mileage is racking up, though, and the first service will soon be imminent at 20,000 miles. Here's hoping the dealer's up to scratch.

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