Our Cars: BMW 5 Series Touring - September

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BMW 5 Series Touring 520d M Sport

BMW 520d Touring
Week ending September 23
Mileage 14,305
Driven this week 350 miles

Good to be back in our 520d Touring, after a) it was stolen by colleagues for holiday trips to France and b) one of them damaged it while it was out there.

I’ve actually been revisiting the options list on our car, in fact, and the best – and worst – box that’s been ticked is the £985 for variable damper control.

It’s the best because it transforms the big estate’s ride and makes it a genuinely comfortable, accomplished cruiser. It’s the worst because it ought to be standard. Don’t force us to spend a grand on making the car the way it should have been all along, please, BMW.

Week ending September 23
Mileage 13,200
Driven 2015 miles

I recently used the 520d as holiday transport. The square boot was great for luggage and it had plenty of great touches, too. I used the under-floor storage for valuables and the elastic retaining straps held bottles of French wine securely. I also enjoyed the way the car rode and handled on French back roads.

Week ending August 26
Mileage 11,185
Miles driven this week 0

No miles to report, because our 520d Touring is still on its way back from the bodyshop. Am looking forward to its return, scheduled for next week - not only to see it restored to full health after its injuries, but also to
get some miles in it. It’s proven far too popular a choice for summer holidaymakers; we need to reconnect.

Our Cars: BMW 5 Series Touring - August


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