Our Cars: Nissan Juke - September

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Nissan Juke Sept 16
Nissan Juke Sept 16
Nissan Juke 1.5 dCi Acenta (Sport Pack)

Week ending September 16
Mileage 12,800
Driven this week 300 miles

One of the best things about the Juke is how it drives.

Even with a heavy diesel engine weighing down the car’s nose, it handles pretty well – more than good enough for a bit of fun on the winding country roads near my home. There’s plenty of grip available, too, so I don’t have any hairy moments in corners. Granted, the ride is a bit firm, but it’s just about the comfortable side of firm for my taste.

Even better, the traffic announcement issue from last week has partially rectified itself. It still makes an appearance on my commute, but not nearly as often as it used to, in my mind.

Week ending September 9
Mileage 12,500
Miles this week 400

The Juke's traffic announcement feature used to kick in with irritating regularity – it would tune in to every local radio station whenever they were doing a traffic report without any problem.

However, one night this week I could have done with it interrupting my cheesy tunes. It was one of those trips home where all the roads were solid… and not once did I get a traffic announcement to warn me what traffic horror awaited me.

It's been on each day this week, and I've had my in-car karaoke disturbed just twice. Have any other Juke owners experienced this?

Week ending September 2
Mileage 12,100
Mileage this week 500

Filling up the washer bottle in the Juke isn’t quite as easy as I hoped.

The first issue is the bonnet’s prop arm: it gets in the way of the washer bottle inlet. I had to use a funnel so I didn’t spill washer fluid over the rest of the engine bay as I struggled to pour it in at an awkward angle.

That brings me on to the second point. The headlight unit also gets in the way of the inlet so, if you do use a funnel, you have to ask someone to hold it in place.

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