Our cars: Seat Alhambra - September

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Seat Alhambra Sept 16
Seat Alhambra Sept 16
Seat Alhambra 2.0 TDI CR 170 SE Lux DSG

Week ending September 16
Mileage 16,300
Driven this week 790 miles

I've not driven the Alhambra very much this week, having spent my time in and out of various test cars on photography shoots.

It's made me appreciate the Alhambra's boot that much more. With the rear-most seats folded it's perfect for my needs, with a wide, low floor, vast capacity and a large tailgate that keeps me sheltered from the elements.

As well as all my bulky photographic gear, there's space for various bits and pieces. That means I don't need to think about what will or won't fit, I just throw the lot in the back

Week ending September 2
Current mileage 14,895
Miles driven this week 265

I borrowed the Alhambra to help a friend move house this week and found its electric side doors and tailgate a mixed blessing.

They can really come in handy when you’ve got your hands full, but it takes a while to learn which button on the key fob operates which side door. There’s also a delay between hitting a button and the doors or tailgate moving, which can be disconcerting and frustrating at times.

On the whole, they’re a bonus; you just need a little patience.

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