Our cars: Peugeot 508 SW - September

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Peugeot 508 SW 2.2 HDi 204 GT

Week ending September 30
Mileage: 7594
Driven this week: 578

I barely felt the bump, but I could definitely see it after an old Nissan Almera clouted the nearside front wing of our 508. The paint wasn’t damaged, so we turned to Dent Wizard (dentwizard.co.uk) for a repair.

In less than an hour they restored the wing to its original pristine condition for £85 plus VAT. Apparently the Peugeot’s panels are unusually soft which made the repair job easier, but I’ll be mindful of that advice.

Week ending September 23
Mileage: 7016
Driven this week: 601

Economy update. I’ve been hoping to break through the 40mpg barrier for a while and now it’s happened. This week’s economy was 42.0mpg and a healthy 616 miles from one tank’s worth of diesel.

An unusually high proportion of motorway miles contributed to the figures, which can easily take a turn for the worse by 5-7mpg in different driving conditions. Trouble is, I’m a sucker for the gearshift paddles behind the wheel, which I’m sure don’t help.

Week ending September 16
Mileage: 6415
Driven this week: 525

In my experience, park assist systems are more of a crowd pleaser than a genuine help, but so far I haven’t even got that far with our 508’s parking aid. The last time I tried to activate it, a warning message flashed up in the dash.

'Too difficult' it read. So I reversed the 508 into the space myself. If nothing else, I feel like I’ve got one up on technology…

Week ending September 9
Mileage: 5890
Driven this week: 458

Until this week, I hadn’t driven the 508 in the dark, but now I’ve had two late-night trips home. The cabin is nicely illuminated, with an orange glow descending from the roof lights, but more impressive is the Peugeot’s Smartbeam system.

A windscreen-mounted camera detects when oncoming traffic is present, and automatically switches between main beam and dipped beam.

The 508 not only has xenon headlights, but also additional directional lighting through corners. It uses the foglights to further illuminate the inside of bends for even better vision. The result is a remarkably effective lighting system.

Week ending September 2
Mileage: 5494
Driven this week: 430 miles

Having an extra set of air-conditioning controls in the back of the 508 feels like quite a luxury, but offering a six-year-old boy a say in the temperature of your car isn’t always a good idea.

Luckily, the driver still gets the final word, so when I hear the rush of fans in the back, meaning he is about to super-heat or super-chill the rear of the cabin, I simply reach for the ‘rear on’ button and take over the controls.

Childlocks and window controls are also activated from the driving seat, which just leaves him the ski hatch to play with behind the centre armrest.

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