Our cars: Lexus CT200h - September

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Lexus CT200h
Lexus CT200h
Lexus CT200h SE-L Premier

Week ending September 21
Current mileage 18,024
Driven this week: 408

Lexus CT200h review

I had an interesting chat with an off-duty Lexus salesman recently. I mentioned how annoying it was getting 36 litres at most into the CT’s 45-litre fuel tank. He told me the quoted size includes 10 litres for a reserve tank, because it’s a very bad thing if the Lexus runs out of fuel.

If it does, it’ll switch to electric-only power. If the batteries also run dry, though, it’ll try to restart the engine – and continue to do so – despite there being no fuel in the tank.

So, having such a large reserve is a fail-safe, albeit a frustrating one for a high-mileage driver like me.

I also wish the fuel range read-out was more accurate. Knowing that there’s so much fuel in reserve means I’ll be tempted to ignore the range when it gets to zero, which could end in tears.


Week ending September 7
Current mileage 17,179
Driven this week: 584 miles

Lexus CT200h review

The CT200h isn't the ideal camper's car. Last weekend it was tasked with taking me and a pal, our two-man tent and enough kit for a night under canvas to the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

We both pack light, so there wasn't a huge amount to fit into the Lexus, but the small boot wasn't nearly up to the job. That meant most of our luggage ended up on the rear seats, which isn't ideal for security. At least the standard privacy glass makes it tricky to see into the car, but I'd rather not leave it to chance.

The trip also highlighted an oddity about the CT's spec. While the driver's seat is electrically adjustable every which way, the passenger has to move their seat using various levers and handles. There's also no passenger seat-height adjustment, so my mate had to put up with a seat that 'felt like it was too high off the floor'. At 5ft 10in, he's not hugely tall, either.


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