Our cars: Used Nissan Qashqai - September

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Nissan Qashqai
Nissan Qashqai
2008 Nissan Qashqai 1.6 Visia

Week ending September 28
Mileage 28,313
Driven this week: 52 miles

At the beginning of my time with the Qashqai I was trying to think of features I really needed from a car, rather than just what I wanted: those things you just can't live without.

The master locking switch on the Qashqai doesn't appear on the 'need' list maybe, but it's certainly near the top of my wants. The number of times I've pulled up to somebody in a car, only to be left searching a sea of buttons while they're left yanking the handle and frowning back at me through the glass is ridiculous.

The Qashqai's button is a little stranded in its central position just behind the handbrake, but it's a darn sight easier to find.

By Rory White

Our Nissan Qashai on video

Week ending September 21
Mileage 28,261
Driven this week: 129 miles

The Qashqai might look like a 4x4, but really it's just a jacked-up small family car. In terms of driving position that's good news, but those 4x4 looks demand big tyres and I've always been worried that when the time came, changing them would be more expensive than on a rival small family hatchback such as the Ford Focus.

A new 215/65 R16 Bridgestone tyre, identical to the ones already fitted to our Qashqai, cost £112.40 each at Kwik Fit. That's £449.60 for a full set. A previous-generation Focus of the same age has smaller 205/55 W16 tyres. Even going for more advanced Continental Sport Contact 2 tyres saves you money, because Kwik Fit will fit them at £83.70 a piece; £334.80 for the lot.

Clearly there's money to be saved by opting for a regular hatchback, and considering my Qashqai isn't saving me any more money on fuel and isn't built to go off road, it seems an unnecessary expense.

Week ending September 14
Mileage 28,132
Driven this week: 145 miles

I was disappointed to find another broken part on the Qashqai this week. This time it was the plastic ignition surround that had come away and was rattling around in the driver's foot well.

I've had a go at putting it back, and although it stays put it is likely to come away again at any time. It's another thing I'll be highlighting at the car's service – due soon.

By Rory White

Week ending September 7
Mileage 27,987
Driven this week: 39 miles

The Qashqai hasn’t been driven much this week, but we’ve had a face-lifted Qashqai Ntec+ model (2010-) in for some video work. It was a great chance to see how the refreshed car feels on the road and to play with the toys that mine doesn’t have – which is just about everything.

I’m a massive fan of the newer car's panoramic roof, which is great in the sunny weather we've had of late. I also like the 1.6 litre diesel engine it came with. It has plenty of power and the stop-start system works well, although the gearchange is too notchy for a smooth drive around town.

I think the biggest improvement is the exterior styling, though. The front has a far more aggressive stance and the newer model's bigger alloy wheels don't harm the ride. It’s a far improved package.


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