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Renault Twizy
Renault Twizy
Renault Twizy Technic

Week ending September 21
Mileage 535
Driven this week: 52 miles

Renault Twizy review

I borrowed the Twizy for an early morning run from the office to Heathrow – a distance of 11 miles – and quickly wished I'd brought a thicker jacket, because there's no heater.

However, by accelerating gently I did manage to get to my destination with 43 miles of range showing – two more than when I started.

The following day, when I returned from the new car launch I'd been on and got back to the Twizy, I found one of the doors open (they don’t lock) and the driver's seat repositioned. Since there was no damage, my guess is some cheeky person had been trying it for size.

The Twizy certainly attracts a lot of interest. The cabbie, the traffic warden and the kid on the bike that stopped me to talk about it on my way home all loved it, while the white van man hated it. Oh well, you can't please everyone.

By Steve Huntingford

Week ending September 14
Mileage 483
Driven this week: 182 miles

Renault Twizy review

The Twizy's been on an adventure this week- pushed to its limits on a 39-mile trip across London to my home town in Essex.

It's already proven to be ideal for lunchtime trips to the supermarket and shuttle runs to the train station, but with a maximum range of 40(ish) miles, everyday usability is limited.

So, brave, stupid or both, I decided to see if the Twizy would make it across London in rush hour traffic, with Paralympic marathon road diversions, without any stop-offs.

It did. When I finally pulled up outside my house (some four hours later), the range indicated a remaining 9 miles. Granted, 50mph A-roads were negotiated at around 35mph, and the accelerator required a gentle approach, but my as-the-crow-flies route paid off.

What's more, the attention drawn from driving the Twizy through Central London was astonishing - I lost count of the number of cameras, phones and fingers pointed towards me on my excursion; If I said I didn't enjoy it, I'd be lying.

Unfortunately, weather conditions on my return leg back to the office weren't so pleasant and, coupled with the Twizy's firm ride, I'm in no hurry to do it again.


Renault Twizy Technic

Week ending September 7
Mileage 301
Driven this week: 51 miles

Renault Twizy review

With a three-mile commute and endless lunchtime meetings I’m a great candidate for borrowing the Twizy. I’ve been whizzing around town in it a lot this week.

One of the most interesting things has been comments from other road users and none of them so far have been negative. Mostly it's been motorcyclists who have pulled up alongside me at lights – mainly to offer their approval and ask ‘what cc’ the engine has. None of them so far have guessed that it’s electric.

I’ve also been finding how adept it is at negotiating car-lined suburban streets: two cars won't fit side-by-side, but one oncoming car and a Twizy will, so my suburban progress is quicker when I’m travelling by Twizy.

One major irritation is the ride quality, though. It's really grim on some streets around here and even snail pace over speed bumps can induce wincing. It seems to me that they've stiffened it up to make it corner flatly and not make you feel like it's tipping over. Personally I'd take more body lean and a slightly softer ride.

By Chas Hallett

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