Our cars: Mini Paceman Cooper S - September

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Mini Paceman Cooper S

Week ending September 20
Mileage 6580
Driven this week 56 miles

Mini Paceman review

The dismaying drop in temperature this week sparked a national debate about whether firing up the central heating is justified, or whether it means you're just a big wuss. For me – and any accusations of wussiness I’ll happily take on the chin – the decision to indulge in our Paceman's heated seats wasn't a tricky one.

Thankfully, given my rather brief journey to work, they're pretty quick off the mark - just like the car itself - making my commute really rather cosy without having to resort to the noisy blowers (yet). Frosty winter, bring it on. The Paceman and I are ready for anything.

Emma Butcher – Emma.Butcher@whatcar.com

Week ending September 6
Mileage 6524
Driven this week 21 miles

Mini Paceman review

The mystery of the Paceman’s missing iPod audio has been solved. The culprit was an absent Y cable, normally included with Mini’s Media Pack. It turns out ours had gone awol somewhere between factory and fleet.

After weeks of scratching our heads it came as a relief that we’re not technologically inept as we were starting to fear, and nor is there anything wrong with the sound system.

Because Mini’s system isn’t compatible with a USB cable alone, you need a triple-jacked wire (aka a Y cable), which plugs into the USB socket and audio port, as well as your iPhone or iPod.

Although you can listen to your playlists via Bluetooth, there’s no album art or steering wheel mounted track selection or volume control, so you need to be DJ using the phone itself. It’s not ideal when you’re on your own.

So when our cable turned up, I raced down to the car park to give it a go. With probably slightly more excitement than the moment warranted, I plugged the cable into the car, went to do the same with the phone... And then it hit me. I’ve just upgraded to an iPhone 5 complete with its teeny tiny redesigned port; the cable’s handset jack won’t fit. Thwarted again.

I’ll have to wait a little longer before I can enjoy the full and unbridled iPhone Mini music experience. First, I’ll need to invest £25 in a special 30-pin adaptor from Apple. Irritating.

By Emma Butcher - Emma.Butcher@whatcar.com

Our cars: Mini Paceman Cooper S - August


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